Adult Tutoring

Adult tutoring was one of the first services we started offering. We wanted to offer adult tutoring right away because we believe so firmly in the power of life-long learning. The co-founder of, Andy and Eric, are both life-long learners. They read and write constantly. They are always reading new books, newspapers, or learning new skills. Eric just picked up and started learning how to surf. He has learned to dance. He learned mathematics, and chemistry, and biology. He mastered public speaking. He is constantly deepening his spirituality and his meditative skills. Andy hosts a weekly podcast and is constantly reading books before also interviewing the author. Andy also spends lots of time learning the stories of his ghostwriting clients, who he and his team write books for.

Who does adult tutoring work for?

Adult tutoring is a good fit for any adult who has taken some time off learning and is recently coming back to it. For example, we just helped a client who is taking her special agents test. She is 15 years out of college. Now, she has to take a large exam. We helped prepare her for the mathematics section of this exam. She was so grateful for our help because she was really struggling and it had been so long since her university days.

We helped another gentleman who simply wanted to learn Spanish. He had been practicing on his own for a few months now. That’s when his wife called us. She wanted him to have a program or course, some guidance and direction to his efforts. We helped create a Spanish course for him. We had a textbook, worksheets, and assignments. Our tutor also engaged him in dialogue to improve his verbal skills.

Regardless of their specific situation, we have been able to help many clients improve at their skill and reach their goals.

Is it easier to learn as an adult?

Interestingly, we have found that adults are often the best learners. (Other educational thinkers have clearly discovered the same thing)! Adults have accumulated years of experience. They have learned things through modeling. They have likely learned different skills spread across a number of different fields or areas. And one of the most important things they have is the proper mindset. Mindset is the most critical thing for learning. If you want to learn something, you need to have some motivation & a positive mental attitude.

We have noticed that adult learners often come to us out of their own intrinsic desire to learn. They are curious about something and simply want to improve at. Normally our adult tutoring customers are able to focus for longer periods of time when learning. Their attention is more honed and focused on the subject itself. Adults ask great questions. They are engaged and willing to answer questions that the tutor asks them. All of these qualities mean that generally our adults tend to learn things very rapidly.

What are some of the rewards of being an adult learner?

There are many benefits to learning as an adult. These include:

A boost in self-confidence.

Improving the community.

Building a more purposeful life.

Make new friends.

Improve your career.

These are just a few of the ways that learning as an adult can improve the quality of your life. At our philosophy has centered around the idea of life-long learning. We believe that if you aren’t growing, if you aren’t self-actualizing or reaching your full potential, you will feel as if something is missing.

Our approach:

Our approach to adult tutoring is unique. We believe firmly in using an active teaching style. There is evidence showing that humans retain information much better when learned in an interactive setting, versus passively absorbing something in a lecture. That’s why we incorporate questions and self-lead learning. There is evidence showing that people learn math and science best when they verbalize their own scientific thinking. So, as your tutor, we will ask you questions. We ask questions that make you develop and state your own reasoning on the matter. This is where the beauty is. When you hear your own reasoning, you are able to see what is faulty, what is good, and what needs more work.

This allows you to make real-time changes and adjustments to your own reasoning. We have found that adults are particularly well suited to these types of self-adjustments, and that they are often receptive to active learning approaches.

Our approach is create a program custom designed for you.

We believe strongly in the benefits of creating you a custom learning program. This means, we will first do a deep dive into what you want to learn and the parameters of your situation. If you are enrolled in a course, we will take that into consideration. If you want to learn Spanish, for example, but don’t have a course or any materials, we can also help you. But the program that we create for you will be different. It will be unique to you.